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08 February 2019'English Country Houses'
01 February 2019'English Country Houses'
25 January 2019'English Country Houses'
14 December 2018'From the Sublime to the Real: Art in North America'
07 December 2018'From the Sublime to the Real: Art in North America
30 November 2018'From the Sublime to the Real: the Art of North America'
02 October 2017Our Study Days

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'English Country Houses' Caroline Knight Friday 08 February 2019

This 3 week course took a look at the English country round house through examples of Tudor, Jacobean and Georgian architecture, both large Country Houses and smaller houses in London.

London's Country Houses

Due to the rapid expansion of London, many country houses are now in suburbs. Some are open to the public, such as 17th Century Ham House, and Robert Adam's 18th Century changes to Osterley and Syon. We shall look at a range of houses, their use and the importance of their gardens.


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