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29 November 2019'Glamour and Grime - Theatre in the 1930s'
22 November 2019'Glamour and Grime - Theatre in the 1930s'

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'Glamour and Grime - Theatre in the 1930s' Malcolm Jones Friday 29 November 2019

Our study days are held in the Ripley Arts Centre, 24 Sundridge Avenue, Bromley BR1 2PX. There is some parking in the car park at the front of the building, but other possibilities include Edgeborough Way, on the opposite side of Sundridge Avenue from the Arts Centre. You are asked to park there considerately to minimise inconveniencing the neighbours.

This study course was on two successive Fridays. The first session had given us the Glamour so this second session was aimed at the Grime. It featured:-

Theatre Workshop and Unity Theatre

Away from the West End, things were changing.  The social upheaval that was the legacy of WWI meant theatre companies sprang up that focused on the working class and concentrated on political change.  Joan Littlewood and Ewan MacColl began Theatre Workshop that eventually took residence in the Theatre Royal in Stratford East and the Unity Theatre started up and later began the careers of Michael Gambon, Bill Owen and Bob Hoskins.

Malcolm took us from the ideas of Konstantin Stranislavski at the turn of the 20th Century through the early part of the Century up to the 1950s, linking the careers of many theatricals of the political theatre to the later TV roles many of them moved into. This history was a fascinating story that included many politically daring projects such as the agitprop theatre movement.