The Arts Society believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn through the arts, and members make particular efforts to engage with children and young people from a wide range of faiths and backgrounds. There are various ways of arranging our Young Arts activities. The members of a local society may organise an arts event for a youth group or they may organise a Young Arts Group as a junior society working to encourage knowledge of the arts.

As project, a society might:-

Provide artists-in-residence in a school,

Fund visits to galleries and museums,

Arrange art exhibitions and competitions,

Purchase special equipment and art books, and

Fund bursaries/awards for individual students.

The Arts Society makes available grants for Young Arts projects.

In 2018-19, led by our Young Arts co-ordinator Sally Larner, we supported a local group enabling young people to produce a multi-media performance on 'Flight' starting from Leonardo Da Vinci's work and including the bumble bee. The young people wrote and spoke to the script, chose and performed incidental music, and printed backcloths using screen printing techniques. We financed the materials used for this project. After the presentation at their school, several of the contributors came to our next meeting and explained the way they worked on the project. 

For our 2019-20 season, we had planned firstly to help Poverest School decorate a passageway to a special unit for students with special needs. We would fund modelling clay and tiles on which the children will work by moulding the clay to shape profiling of their own design to fix to a plain tile for creating composite tiles which would then be fired to harden the result. The composite tiles woul then be mounted on the walls where they will be visible to the students walking to and from their unit along the passageway. As a ‘Thankyou’ we also planned fund a special showing of a ‘Magic Lantern’ display that is being organised for the rest of the school, so those using the unit can have their own private show. 

This and a second planned project have now had to be 'put on hold'.

The picture on the right shows a mural at Petts Wood library, created by local children with financial support from our North Kent Arts Society during our 2017-18 season.