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11 March 2019Marc Chagalle – Wandering Jew or Citizen of the World?
11 February 2019Caliph and Christian – Art and History in Andalucia
14 January 2019Norman Wilkinson – A DAZZLING artistic career

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Marc Chagalle – Wandering Jew or Citizen of the World? Monica Bohm-Duchen Monday 11 March 2019

Monica is a freelance lecturer, writer and exhibition organiser who has been Associate Lecturer at Birkbeck  College since 2005 and has led many tours. Her publications include  Understanding Modern Art (1991), The Nude (1992), works on Chagalle (1998/2001), The Art and Life of Josef  Herman (2008) and her book on Art and the Second World War was published in 2013.

As his life makes clear, Marc Chagalle (1887-1985) remained deeply loyal to his humble Russian-Jewish origins. Yet he also wished his art to have a universal appeal which, judging by its popularity, it abundantly achieved. This lecture traces his long, chequered and colourful career giving particular emphasis to the creative tensions produced by the very different cultural and artistic environments in which he found himself: starting with his hometown of Vitebsk (up to 1906), then St Petersburg (1906-10), Paris (1910-14), Revolutionary Russia (1914 – 22), Berlin (1922-3), Paris (1923-40), America during World War Two and then back to France in 1948.