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09 December 2019'Grandfather Frost and the Old New Year: Russian Christmas'
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08 June 2020'Caravaggio and his models'
13 July 2020'Musical Adventures in Russia. In search of Leokadiya Kashperova'

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'Grandfather Frost and the Old New Year: Russian Christmas' Dr Rosamund Bartlett Monday 09 December 2019

Where better to spend yuletide than in snowy Russia?  Imagine yourself wrapped in furs, speeding along in a troika, bells ringing, as you come home from church after celebrating the end of the 40 day Christmas fast. This lecture explores the traditional religious and folk customs associated with Christmas in Russia before the Revolution, the secular celebrations introduced to Russia by Peter the Great, the drastic changes introduced in Soviet times by Stalin, and what Christmas means to Russians today.

Rosamund has a Doctorate from Oxford and has held senior university posts, most recently at the European University Institute in Florence. She specialises in comparative study of art, music and literature, and is currently writing a book on the Russian Avant-Garde and European Modernism. She is an author of several books, including biographies of Tolstoy and Chekhov, whose works she has also translated for Oxford World's Classics. She has extensive experience lecturing in Russian cultural history at venues such as the V&A, the National Theatre and Covent Garden, and she broadcasts regularly on the BBC. She is often invited to lecture on tours, and is founding Director of the Anton Chekhov Foundation, set up to preserve the writer's house in Yalta.