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Whether you are already one of our members or are a visitor we hope you will find this site interesting, informative and easy to use. 

The Arts Society North Kent has over 150 members and, like all other affiliates of The Arts Society, it aims to promote and preserve the Fine Arts. It is one of over 330 member societies of The Arts Society, spread throughout the UK and Europe. Just as in its former guise (NADFAS), The Arts Society is a leading arts charity (charity number 1089743) whose aims include accessing the world of the arts through lectures, and encouraging arts projects for young people in schools. This preservation of our arts heritage is achieved through voluntary work at sites such as museums, stately homes, libraries and archives.

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If you are a member who has enjoyed an event, exhibition or visit to one of the many venues open to us living in or around this capital, please click here and send us the details. These items can then be displayed in the News page.